Market Distribution Center MDC

 The Market Distribution Centre (MDC) is a platform for wholesaling fresh, quality produce with 80% of the products provided by local growers from Lilongwe and Neighboring districts. The market is a one-stop source for buyers to purchase either a truckload of produce or several semi loads. The MDC also offers the best way of handling the wide variety of qualities and calibres of different products from a large number of fruit and vegetable growers. Our clients are mainly retailers, exporters and wholesalers who requires significant volumes. The market operates through auctioning.

How an auction works?

Both vegetables and fruit are brought to the auction by the growers the day before the sale. The auction inspectors examine and rate the products. After the inspection, and the award of the classification, the products are immediately re-sorted, graded and conditioned.

The next morning, the products are sold in the sale room.  With modern technology, buyers could also participate in the auction online on their mobile or website deal room.

The growers of fresh vegetables and fruit never know in advance how much their products will earn them. This varies from day to day, depending on supply and demand. Depending on the quantity of products brought in, and how much the buyers need, the price is kept steady.

After the sale at the auction, the products are loaded as quickly as possible into refrigerated trucks. This keeps the products fresh until they reach the shops or buyers’ destination.

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