We are always looking for new suppliers to add to our partnership, expanding our products on offer to Local-buy Customers. In partnering with our growers, Local-Buy Ltd gets involved in every aspect of the supply chain, from farm selection, recommendations on farm-inputs, seed planting through to produce transportation and final delivery at our Market Distribution Centre.

Our preferred suppliers have certified farms, Pack-houses, Greenhouses, have irrigation infrastructure and are committed to responsible growing and continuous improvement in quality. We work with suppliers on developments plans that maximize opportunities for all parties.

Our preferred suppliers have professional skills and experience in agronomy. Together they have capacity to deliver a large volumes of fruit and vegetables to the MDC. They are also experienced to grow fruit and vegetables in various forms and under strict standards for safe and healthy food.  The categories of production could be from standard to organic, from classic varieties to culinary specialties, from forgotten vegetables to innovative varieties.

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